Charlie Howard DHP LAPHP

Fully qualified in Clinical Hypnotherapy, Counselling Services, NLP, & Energy Psychology (EFT, EMDR).

I trained at The Royal Berkshire College of Clinical Hypnosis, and am a member of the CNHC and APHP


Charlie Howard DHP LAPHP

We are all living in crazy, busy times, and if you are, like me, nobody gets off without some difficulties.

I have learn’t, that we all have our struggles and challenges, and these help form who we are. Some things we like, and others are not so favourable.

During the past 10 years, I have created the life I want, by making the changes I needed both personally and professionally.

In other words, I began by changing the things I didn’t like, and improving the things I did, and by doing so, have learn’t how to change the way I think, feel, behave and respond.

Most importantly, this has driven me to explore everything about why people do what they do; think like they think; and believe what they believe. In other words, why this world and the experience of it, is so different for everyone.

I help people, learn about their minds, how it works, how they can control it, and how they can influence others in order to communicate more effectively.

By achieving your goals, increasing your confidence, and over-coming your struggles, both personally and professionally, you can also live a more fulfilling life.

As well as having many years of experience in the corporate space, I have transferred my knowledge, and now use mind and therapy tools to assist others to achieve their goals, and take back control of their thinking. As a clinical hypnotherapist, I use these skills to assist clients overcome their personal and professional difficulties, which are unique to them.

Even better, I help educate them on why they think and feel the way they do, finally allowing them to continue to achieve, regain balance, and use the methods for years to come.

I offer my clients complete confidentially, and a place of safety, where we can explore your challenges, reframe them and grow, at last, allowing you to feel light, free and start living the life you want.